Do You Have Any Questions?

A strong interview is a determining factor in securing a new position. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be resulting in a better outcome. To ensure you put your best foot forward we have outlined some common interview faux pas to avoid when facing the pressure of a job interview.

Top 5 Job Interview Do’s

Be prepared

Come prepared with as much information about the company and industry as possible. Don’t forget to check company’s website which will give you much clear understanding on how they work. Prepare questions of your own.

Be confident and grounded

Be confident when you speak, always try be submissive and attentive beside having a smile on face. Think before you speak! This might be the only chance you get to convince a prospective employer that you are the right person for the job. 

Be engaging

Be an active listener and take notes for the things you want to clarify. Let the interviewer ask you to speak and avoid interrupting. Prepare for the questions and practice in advance to sound confident. Do your research about the company and the role you are applying for, to ask relevant questions. Always start by Greeting the interviewer and acknowledging everyone present.

Be careful

Never speak negative about your current or past employer or bosses. Your answers during the interview are as important as the image you cast.

Be professional

The very first thing that any interviewer would notice is your professional look and attire. Full sleeve shirt with trouser for Male while Females can have an additional option of wearing a salwar suit. Your shoes should be polished properly while your hair should be neatly combed (Avoid Spike hairs). Your nails should be cut neatly, properly shaved beards is a sign of being professional. Try to hide your Tattoo and piercing as much as possible.  

Finally, if the job is one you really want, follow up with a thank you note after the interview to acknowledge your interest. This courteous gesture reconfirms your interest in the position and puts your name back in your prospective boss’s mind.

Top 5 Job Interview Don’ts

Don’t be late

Arrive 15 minutes early to allow time for possible delay and use the extra time to freshen up for the interview if you have arrived early.


Don’t be pushy about salary

Don’t place a large emphasis on salary. Set correct expectations as per the industry standards and your previous salary. If offered a package you would like to negotiate, always present your expectations in a polite & professional manner.

Don’t talk too much

Answer questions fluently and concisely, but give interviewers the opportunity to interrupt as and when needed.

Don’t exaggerate

Stick to the abilities you have, not those you wish you had. Be honest about your experience, emphasizing the positive, yet sticking with the truth.

Don’t over or underdress

You should determine beforehand if you should wear a business suit, or if a formal look is appropriate.

Getting a job involves marketing yourself to potential employers. This holds true no matter your education level, be it a high school diploma or graduate degree. Finally, remember that college programs or schools are no substitute for real-world work experience. If you have the ability to do a job, convincing an employer to hire you is all about how you demonstrate your past successes and skills.