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Lucky solutions are a team of management professionals engaged in executive search / head – hunting, predominantly for the IT & Non-IT except BPO’s and Insurance Sector. We have highly qualified and competent management professionals engaged as consultants, who have held positions in human resource & operations. We provide recruitment services to our clients to find the right person for the right job. We maintain a large data – bank of highly competent professionals from all functions and domains and conduct focused search for top management positions.

At Lucky Solutions we passionately believe that every company has different needs. We therefore treat each recruitment project on an individual basis, with the overall objective of adding value to your business. Being privately owned, we are able to provide a level of personalised service which is unrivalled by many of our competitors – and that means you’re more likely to find us efficient, friendly, honest and, above all, able to provide you with exactly what you need.

Having access to the best candidates, we recruit with excellence and we take pride in the quality of service to organisations and candidates alike. Our expertise is in providing complete recruitment solutions, sourcing and supplying quality staff.

Our detailed knowledge of client requirements enables us to offer thorough candidate screening, expert market knowledge and provide innovative solutions in addressing your recruitment needs. By outsourcing your staffing projects to Lucky Solutions, you can continue to focus on your core competencies while our recruitment professionals deliver the solutions that meet your specific recruitment requirements. Our databank comprises of over about unlimited resumes hereby enhancing our short listing to benefit both our candidates and clients.

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At Lucky Solutions - Our Success Depends on your Success

Our overriding strategy is to work in partnership with our clients, forming long-term relationships and working jointly towards the goals of their business. We approach each assignment as your partner. We help you eliminate the risk of making the wrong decision. We invest the time to understand your values, your philosophy, and your requirements. We work together with you to set achievable goals, and then we hold ourselves accountable for achieving those goals providing an efficient and cost effective solution to the recruitment process. Our approach is professional and personal and we operate under clear internal guidelines, ensuring the highest standards of professional practice. We accept only those assignments that we believe we are qualified to undertake successfully. We resource our candidates carefully and guarantee that everyone is pre-screened thoroughly before presenting them to a client.

Recruitment is complex and challenging. And, Lucky Solutions has the expertise, experience, systems and contacts to respond to this dynamic environment and achieve the very highest levels of delivery/accomplishment.

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We don’t pursue every company that needs computer support. We choose only clients that share in our values. It takes teamwork and a solid commitment to good communication.

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